Graduating with a degree from Buckinghamshire New University has opened opportunities for me. I am now a postgraduate nurse and recently gained my registration here in the United Kingdom. It has been a tough year as a university student but all hats are on you once you graduate with an international recognized degree. My experience has brought so much pride and honour especially to my family. Thanks to Job Connections for all the visa assistance and enrolment processing. The university that they are in partnership with, are highly recognized and would definitely bring success in y0ur future career.

GK 2011

I am a Zambian student currently studying in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Like many of my friends, I aspired to come and study in the United Kingdom because of its reputable education system but Visa regulations and procedure made it almost an impossible dream for a girl like myself.  Well that was until I came across an advertisement in the Zambia Post Newspaper where a company called Study Connect claimed to help people who wanted to study in different countries including the United Kingdom. I was skeptical at first but I decided to contact them and attend a meeting in their Zambia office.

After meeting the company director, I was amazed at how friendly and accommodating she was! She listened to me and advised me on what the best courses would be for me that would help me achieve my ambitions. She introduced to the UK staff and within a week of corresponding through email had begun an that’s how my journey started.

I cannot say enough on how helpful the UK offices was with keeping me updated on the application process, consulting me and ensuring I was happy with how everything was progressing. The Zambian office was on hand to help with my visa application and made the experience less daunting with their efficient work and cheerful nature.

The process was really quick and within a few months I had gotten a place at SNT International College in Bournemouth, a student visa and travelled to Bournemouth to commence my studies!  I like Bournemouth as it’s a beautiful town with amazing beaches within walking distance from my house and the people are very welcoming and friendly.

I cannot thank Study Connect enough for making this all possible for me and also being there for me even after my process was complete. I would really encourage anyone looking to study abroad not to go at it on his or her own but let Study Connect Zambia guide you.

It worked for me!

MN (MSc Research Methods in Psychology student) 2013

In the ever changing, fast paced life we leave in the need for higher education is growing as more and more people are completing undergraduate the demand to have a master is also growing. Currently in Zambia few places offer a wide variety of options for anyone who wants to do further studies.

The other option is to apply abroad. Applying abroad is not however an easy undertaking and one really needs the help of established consultants to help them through the whole process of applications, both for the school and visa.

I was looking for a place and I found one, Study connect Zambia, they helped me with everything from the initial university application as well as the visa, the staff are very friendly and made my family and I feel so welcome. The process went smoothly and I got my visa to study in the UK on time and I will be forever grateful for the professional assistant, it is a nice feeling to have someone help you as applications can be very complicated, but with Study Connect you cannot go wrong. I highly recommend anyone thinking

of studying abroad to seek their service.

Thank you so much.

BC Now working for the NHS after completing her top-up nursing degree programme

I would be very remised if I did not express more formally my thanks and appreciation for your services. I was so impressed with the services I recently received from you and your institution. I felt I had to let you, your colleges and your clients know how happy I was with my experience. While I had some idea as to what I wanted to do, it was your expertise and experience that brought my ideas into focus. I found you and your institution to be so efficient, effective, professional, kind, informed and reliable.

MLM, Bucks New University, BSc Nursing and Healthcare February 2012

I had studied in UK for almost 2 years and my visa was about to expire. I wanted to continue my studies but not at the same college. I was so worried at the time. Good thing a friend of mine told me about Study Connect and how they take care of visa applications. I contacted Study Connect and told them about my case. From then on they helped me process my papers and assist me with my application to a university. I am happy to say that my visa application was successful as well as that I’m having a great time at the university.

RAC, Bucks New University, BSc Nursing and Healthcare, September 2012

I am from the Philippines. I just want to say my HUGE THANKS to the Study Connect team for their amazing, fabulous, awesome support and invaluable advice throughout my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and Health Care application process for Buckinghamshire New University as well as my student visa renewal which in the end gave me a happy and successful outcome. The team was well informed and very prompt in responding to my questions.

There is no chance I would have been successful with my application without their hands-on approach. Thank you for your concern, sincerity and ultimately your patience with me. I will definitely refer and recommend the Study Connect team to anyone, any day, any time without any hesitation what so ever.

Thank you so much! More power to Study Connect!

IZ, February 2012

The Study Connect Staff really encouraged and guided me through in achieving my professional dream. God richly bless you all

GM, September 2013

It’s a pleasure and indeed a happy moment for me that my dream of coming to study MBA in England was successful. I am getting on well. Thanks to Study Connect Zambia for their professionalism.

CM (Civil Engineering student)-2013

I have enjoyed myself in the little time I have been in the United Kingdom (UK). The process before my arrival here was an anxious one for me, mostly because I had never been to the UK previously. To ease the anxiety, I constantly had conversations with people who have been to the UK before, my agents (Study Connect International), representatives from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC).

After arriving, I have been helped to settle down by various people. I still contact Study Connect for extra information and the International Advisors and Student Union at ARU have been of help too. They are constantly organising events for international students to meet each other and even local students at times. Not only has this helped me understand English culture but also other cultures from all over the world. Everybody else has been kind and helpful and as of this moment, I have fully adapted to the new surroundings.

K. M. student of Pathway programme BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering (extended) at Cambridge Ruskin International College & Anglia Ruskin University

I chose to study at Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) because I will be exposed to different cultures which will help me in my communication skills, the Student Services and support offered by the staff, the excellent courses offered, the mode of study, the wonderful facilities and the pathway to Anglia Ruskin University.

My Visa application and enrolment was straight forward and faster than I expected.

Well, Study Connect International helped me with everything. From the start of my applications to the Visa and information about CRIC. It was Awesome, I thank them for that.

I am studying to become a Civil Engineering, the course itself requires a high degree of proficiency in a range of technical disciplines and commitment, but with Anglia Ruskin, everything is made easy. Doing the course work is easy and fun, we get to go around on trips as far as Manchester, Liverpool, and Leister.

I am enjoying the university life at Anglia Ruskin. I get to meet people from all-over the world. There are a lot of fun places and places to see around Chelmsford and the UK at large. Being a student doesn’t always mean books and study. You can also do some amazing sports like Ice skating, Bowling, Basketball, and of course, football. Just to mention but a few.